Run away
only want to kill you
´cos I can´t stand your mind
I detest the way you look me
don´t stay more in the pass
runaway, runaway from here
runaway, runaway from here
trying to escape from you
was not the best thing to do
but the things are diferent now
can you here me singing loud
now that all my life has changed
and there is no one to blame
It´s my time to run away
where there is no time or space
Jolly roger
jolly roger rests on my bed
and his smile with my face
the old soldier spit on my food
as my girlfriend sleep in my room
Fight, die, cry, lie
like the figures there are in my room
I handle my boyfriends mood
Last weekend I missed the date
With Han Solo and his friend

Días en Málaga - Dias en Malaga

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